NEW FLAVOR – Chomps Pepperoni Turkey!

CHOMPS Pepperoni Turkey jerky sticks add that burst of flavor you’re looking for! Each stick is filled with a blend of spices including chili pepper, fennel seed and oregano creating that perfectly bold and slightly spicy pepperoni flavor without any added sugar or artificial flavors. The taste is sure to make every snack time a mouthwatering experience. Click CHOMPS to learn more!

Being a full-time dietitian, a full-time mom and always short on time, I was looking for quick sources of lean protein to take on the go (and something my family would also eat).
I’ve always been a little skeptical about jerky. As a dietitian I felt I could find better quality protein. However, I was getting tired of protein shakes, protein bars and chicken! So I decided to look for a nutritious jerky, something without MSG, nitrates and added sugars. Chomps was my answer! 
At first, chomps were hard to find on the store shelf. I looked high and low and literally only found two meat sticks at an out of town Walmart, but totally worth it! I enjoyed them so much because of the quality ingredients they’re made of like non-GMO, grass-fed meats, no nitrates, no msg, no added sugar and 8 different flavors using beef, turkey and venison! 
I now order chomps on a regular basis and keep them stocked in my kitchen cupboard as a staple. I pack them in my lunch, take them on trips and vacations. Even my kids like to take chomps in their school lunch! They’re also handy for sporting events and pre or post workout snacks.
As a mom and dietitian, I wanted to share with you my favorite on the go protein, Chomps.

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