FREE Workplace Nutrition Questionnaire

Nutritional status of the social behavioral and physical work environment – Questionnaire

Evaluating your social behavioral work environment and physical work environment is just one way to help recognize what areas are supporting a positive nutrition environment and which areas are not.  If you answer “no” to any of these questions, discuss with HR, management and your wellness champions to determine how your organization can make changes that support and sustain a healthy workplace nutrition culture. 

Nutrition & the Social Behavioral Work Environment

• Employees are encouraged by management to walk away from their desk and take their designated lunch break?

• There are guidelines prohibiting employees from bringing leftover treats and sweets into the lunch room (example leftover holiday candy)?

• Management is not allowed to reward with food?

• Office meetings are conducted without food?

• Employees are allowed to keep water at their work stations?

• There are guidelines prohibiting drug reps/outside vendors from bringing sweets, junk food or sugary beverages into the facility?

Nutrition & the Physical Work Environment

• A clean cafeteria or separate area designated to eat?

• Cleaning schedule of eating area including microwave and all other appliances?

• Separate sinks for hand washing and dish washing?

• Free use of plates, cups, utensils?

• Cafeteria food and vending have been evaluated by a registered dietitian?

• Fresh fruit is offered in vending?

• 90% or more of vending drinks are water or 100% fruit juice?

     To see the COMPLETE social behavioral and physical work environment questionnaires, and for in depth guidance helping your organization develop and implement a positive internal workplace nutrition culture visit The Workplace Nutrition Toolkit