The Workplace Nutrition Toolkit

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Workplace wellness starts with a solid nutrition foundation! The Workplace Nutrition Toolkit’s instructions, checklists, surveys, resources as well as handouts will guide your organization through the process to develop and implement a healthy culture of nutrition at work.


Create, Integrate & Sustain a Successful Workplace Nutrition Culture!

The Workplace Nutrition Toolkit^ is a digital guide to help your organization implement a healthy culture of nutrition in the work setting. The toolkit is designed to aid the organization in evaluating its current nutrition wellness services and optimize various forms of nutrition education and resources, achieving a long-term healthy workplace nutrition culture.

The digital toolkit provides specific guidance into 9 individual topic areas:

1. Evaluating the Physical and Social Behavioral Work Environment & Setting the Stage for Success

*Physical and Social Behavioral Work Environment Questionnaires

2. Nutrition Workplace Champions – employee qualities & characteristics, duties, benefits

*Customizable Nutrition Wellness Champion Agreement

3. Supporting the Nutrition Workplace Champion & Culture – management qualities & characteristics

*Customizable Nutrition Wellness Champion Survey

4. Occupational Challenges & Workplace Nutrition – shift work, sedentary jobs, work travel, remote work

*Questionnaires for each type of occupational work setting

5. Support Systems – internal & external

*Listing of internal and external resources and examples

6. Nutrition Engagement – workplace challenges, activities & ideas

 *Nutrition challenges and activity examples

7. Incentives – internal & external

*When to implement each type of incentive and examples

8. Nutrition & Disease – educational handouts

*Printable handout topics include: Cholesterol, Heart Disease;    Triglycerides; High Blood Pressure; Type 2 Diabetes; Gluten Free; Bone Health

9. Additional Resources

 *Listing of professional associations and websites for more information

^The Workplace Nutrition Toolkit is a digital file (PDF format), and upon purchase, can be viewed on your computer, phone, or tablet.


“I initially learned about Erin when an employee heard her speak and came back and told me “you’ve got to get her in here!” So we asked her to come conduct a lunch and learn session for us. The group was very impressed with the guidance she gave us and I was also impressed with the affordable cost. The following year we asked her to come back and speak to all of our employees at our annual health fair. The presentation was very interactive and many employees have commented on how much they learned. We look forward to a continued relationship with Erin. She’s the perfect person to keep us on track in our wellness program!”

–Amber Trost, Blair Rubber Company

“Our employee wellness committee thought it would be a great idea to have someone come educate us on how to make healthier choices. I found Erin online after searching through a number of local pages. I was immediately drawn to her page and I found her very easy to work with. She was very responsive and transparent, there are no gimmicks here – she genuinely cares about your health and wellbeing! Erin is very upbeat and holds your interest by keeping things interactive. The group was very pleased with the guidance she provided and everyone was able to take away at least one thing they did not know before. Her pricing is reasonable and we look forward to a continued relationship with Erin.”

–Jessica, Koroseal Interior Products LLC

“One of our wellness initiatives was a monthly, half an hour lunch and learn session. Erin Schenkenberger came highly recommended. I found her easy to work with and her presentations were interactive, professional and informative. Her presentations were well received and as a result, she did 3 lunch and learns — Label Reading and Terminology Fact or Fiction, Eating Sensibly over the Holidays and Improving Your Eating Habits. She definitely showed us how to evaluate what’s healthy and to re-think some of our food choices.”

–Selma, Copely Township

4 reviews for The Workplace Nutrition Toolkit

  1. Hannah

    Erin’s workplace nutrition toolkit is phenomenal! I have been searching for resources to help me engage our workforce with healthier eating and this was it!

  2. Emily

    Totally worth the purchase! The section on “Nutrition Wellness Champions” was so helpful. It helped our organization to find the right people to lead the way for a healthier nutrition culture at work. Our NWC’s help support our organization’s efforts by being the boots on the ground to spread the word. Our NWC’s lead by example and love what they do for their fellow employees!

  3. Michael

    We used both the evaluation tools, “Evaluating the physical work environment” and “Evaluating the social behavioral work environment” to find out what areas in our organization needed to be addressed. We have cleaned up our vending offerings, offering healthier options with access to nutrition information before making a vending purchase. Our management no longer uses food as a reward system either. We have found non food rewards that our employees value instead. Erin’s evaluation tools were a real eye opener and easy to use! 

  4. Lauren

    As a corporate wellness dietitian, I was looking for specific nutrition tools and resources that would take our company’s wellness program to the next level. The nutrition toolkit provided more than I had hoped for. Totally worth the price and then some!

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